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Members of Mind Global group

Members of Mind Global group

Mind Global is an answer to the ultimate question: how can one improve the human and organizational aspects of their business.

In Mind Global will find whatever you need in these two fronts on a professional level: professional, language and IT training, business development, complex tender counselling and project management, HR and green innovation.

In addition, Mind Global is a comprehensive service package, in which we compiled the tools you need for improvement, development, expansion and growth.

Choose from any of our services and become our partner.

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Mind Center Ltd.

Mind Center Consultancy and Services Ltd. was launched in the field of adult education in 2005. Since 2007 it has been present in the market as a state accredited adult education institution.

Within company training, we consider it our responsibility to improve individual skills and competencies on a high level. Our main prolife: IT training, language courses (English, German, French and Spanish), organization of company trainings (both for trainings financed from the Professional Training Contribution or financial resources for tenders).

Our goal is to help our clients make use of the Professional Training Contribution and the financial resources for tenders in a way that best accommodates their needs and company profile to obtain the knowledge that is most serviceable for them.

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Mind Center Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Kft.

1149 Budapest, Mexikói út 18.
Tel.: +36 1 787-6199

OGKI Research Institute

Innovation and expertise are key aspects of competitiveness and economic growth. This idea les us to establish a non-profit public benefit organization, the main task of which is to create innovative processes and strategies. In the area of human research, our organization takes part, through domestic and international research networks, in basic, applied and experimental (pre-competitive) research and development, which find solutions to execute innovative or improved products or services.

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OGKI Nonprofit ltd.

1149 Budapest, Mexikói út 18.
Tel.: +36 1 787-6199

Mind training

We established Mind Training in 2007 with the precise goal to offer efficient contribution to primarily Hungarian-owned organizations’ Human Resources development.

With our services we wish to offer solutions for keeping your company management and organizational knowledge up-to-date, as well as for executing company work processes as efficiently as possible.

Our expressed purpose is to contribute to our partners’ profitability and competitiveness by achieving the above-mentioned goals.

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Mind Training

1149 Budapest, Mexikói út 18.
Tel.: +36 1 787-6199

Mind Tender and Project Management Office Ltd.

The aim of the Tender and Project Management Office, as a professional organization dealing with tender writing and project management, is to aid the activity of Hungarian companies and organizations who are eager and able to develop, innovate and reinvigorate.

Our effectiveness is guaranteed by a staff that is well qualified and have long years of experience in tender writing.

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Pályázat és Projekt Menedzsment Iroda Kft.

1149 Budapest, Mexikói út 18.
Tel.: +36 1 787-6199

MindByte Ltd.


1149 Budapest, Mexikói út 18.
Tel.: +36 1 787-6199

MindCarMarket Ltd.

Mind Car Market Ltd. brings you the hassle-free driving experience, as it is a rental company of passenger and commercial vehicles, deals with fleet management, and cost-effective car park operations. Moreover, Mind Car Market Ltd. takes the individual needs into account. Businesses do not have to be bothered by all these burdens, just by using the cars.

MindCarMarket Kft.

1149 Budapest, Mexikói út 18.
Tel.: +36 1 787-6199